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  • Quick Data Entry

    Record daily results in minutes. Standings will update dynamically. No more fumbling over spreadsheets.

  • Painless Tournament Management

    Let BracketPal's flexibile tournament module generate your pool play and playoff brackets in seconds.

  • Automatic Scheduling

    BracketPal's autoscheduler employs industry-leading algorithms to accommodate even the most unusual of scheduling requirements. Schedules take minutes rather than days.

  • Team and Player Profiles

    Teams and Players can customize their own profile pages with photos, contact information, league and tournament history, and free-agent preferences.

  • Online Registration

    Conveniently and securely accept registrations with credit card and PayPal payments.

  • Statistics Tracking

    Easily track of vital statistics (example: Home Runs, Shots, Touchdowns, etc).

// Testimonials

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    Nancy Paulson - Badger Region VolleyballThe Badger Region Volleyball Association enlisted the use of BracketPal for the series of summer junior beach volleyball tournaments that we host on Bradford Beach, Milwaukee, WI. It is the second year of using the tool and it has proved itself to be extremely effective. With the success we had the first year, we tested its capacity to be able to run our two day USVA Beach Junior National Championship, which was the first of its kind. Two day beach tournaments are rare and we had a very large turnout of teams from across the nation. The parents, players and staff were able to use BracketPal to obtain event information, administration/logistics, match scheduling and the recording of results. USA Volleyball staff were on site and were able to evaluate BracketPal. There were very impressed with it and may consider using it for other events that they conduct. With the continued improvements and the efficiencies that we experience using BracketPal, the Badger Region will be utilizing it and the skills of its creator, Jesse Gumm again this year.

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