About BracketPal

BracketPal is an easy-to-use web-application for managing leagues and tournaments

It covers all aspects of the league: registrations, scheduling, playoff generation, publishing results and standings, breaking ties, communication, and rounded off with team and player profiles. Here is some of what it can do: 

  • Accept Online Registrations complete with payment processing.
  • Simple results recording with immediate results and standing publishing - no more uploading spreadsheets or PDFs to your website to publish the standings. As soon as the scores are entered into the site, the results are visible to users. Entering and publishing the results for a single night's matches takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Automatic (1 click) Scheduling with no limitations on league size, number of courts, or number of timeslots.
  • Automatic rescheduling in the event a team drops, or a team is added after the league has already started.
  • Manually schedule a single match with conflict prevention.
  • Automatic playoff generation.
  • Team profiles pages with match history, roster list, and team logo/photo.
  • Player profile pages with profile picture and complete league, team, statistic history.
  • Substitution List with player provided information.
  • Simple Rainout rescheduling.
  • Daily printing referee sheets with the teams already filled out.
  • Track pitcher races (again, no more need for spreadsheets).
  • Simple communication: Email all players or just captains. Contact just one team, both teams in a match, all teams in a league, all teams that play on a night, or all teams in the whole league.
  • Customized look and feel to match your existing organization.
  • Teams can submit revision requests in the event that results are incorrectly entered.
  • Complete history of all seasons' leagues and tournaments.
  • Complete tournament module for handing pool play and single-elimination playoffs.

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